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Jose Mourinho is a huge gamble from Daniel Levy, but he can deliver for Tottenham – JENAS | Football | Sport


Tottenham have gambled on Jose Mourinho, according to Jermaine Jenas (Image: GETTY)

Tottenham have just shoved all their casino chips onto the table.

Sacking Mauricio Pochettino, appointing Jose Mourinho on double the money, spending tens of millions in the next couple of transfer window…. it’s all a huge gamble.

Only if Mourinho and his Spurs squad deliver a trophy – the first for 11 years and counting – will it have succeeded.

Players at Spurs are at the stage in their careers when they are thinking will silverware ever come?

Now they have a man walking through the door who has every ingredient, every play, every way of doing it, to get over the line.

I think the 11 months Jose has had out of the game since leaving Manchester United will have helped him reinvent his outlook to coaching.

He is starting afresh, had a good look at it, and will be thinking this new generation needs something new.

During the Premier League era he developed one of the most attacking, free-flowing exciting teams in that Chelsea team, when they went 4-3-3. Unbelievable football.

Tottenham news

Tottenham news: Jermaine Jenas thinks Pochettino could come back to haunt Tottenham (Image: GETTY)

Tottenham news

Tottenham news: Jose Mourinho has already started getting into the Tottenham players (Image: GETTY)

When I played against his Madrid side and he has Ozil, Benzema and Ronaldo, that team were brilliant defensively and attacking. At United he was working with what he had, and won a major trophy doing so.

So he can deliver style and goals.

In terms of the players’ reaction to him, ultimately, it should be positive.

I remember when Juande Ramos arrived at Spurs. We were not sure. He didn’t speak the language, but the one thing we could all get behind was actually he has won two of the last three Europa Leagues, he knows how to win things.

Spurs players will adapt. They have good mentality. They are grafters. Good attitude. They will look up to Jose and think this guy has done it all, and might get us over the line.

One of the biggest question is: can Harry Kane play for Jose? I look at his past strikers. The likes of Drogba, Milito, Lukaku. He has always had creators around them. There are not many I fear for in that Spurs forward line.

But Harry will have to find something extra. He has been below par for Spurs since the start of the season. He might have to offer more than scoring a goal. More will be expected.

Dele Alli will have to raise his game. He will love Son to bits. He gets up and down the pitch and scores. Eric Dier will get back in favour all of a sudden. He can be rejuvenated.

I think he will sort of the Vertonghen and Alderweireld situation. He loves experience. It makes sense not to spend there and look after them instead.

I bet they’ll sign new deals in the next six months. I think he might let Eriksen walk out of the door, thinking he doesn’t desperately need him.

To go from a Champions League final to sitting in 14th is a concern. I feel anger for Mauricio and the way he’s left.

If I was in Mauricio’s shoes, I would feel the players let me down. He needed complete reinvestment in the squad.

Poch knew once they got to that Champions League final that was as far as he was going to take that group of players.

Tottenham news

Tottenham news: Mauricio Pochettino left Tottenham after five years (Image: GETTY)

What more can you do as a manager? You have dug so deep to get a team to the Champions league final without any budget. These players have been moulded by Pochettino. Harry Kane, Dele Alli, moulded. Eriksen has become a better player.

All he was asking was: back me. You have given me nothing for years. Fed me nothing. Given me no real budget to challenge for the Premier League title. You have taken some of my best players away… big players like Kyle Walker, and we end up here. A team that went stale and needed refreshing.

Mourinho will have asked Daniel Levy: Are you going to open the cheque book? You can guarantee that come January and the summer, they are going to have a right go in the windows. Spurs fans will say to that: brilliant.

But why not just back Mauricio in the first place. He earned that.

It is annoying that he will come in on more money, get a bigger kitty… he could have done all those things for Mauricio. But he didn’t want to bet on him.

Jermaine Jenas

Jermaine Jenas is writing for Express Sport this season (Image: Express Sport)

I am wondering if there will be blowback from the fans? This is a team who are already struggling. Is there going to be booing, will they get behind Mourinho? Will they be singing Poch’s name? This is not one of those moves that is universally welcomed.

Jose has been clever and smart to get the fans onside. The synergy between Levy, the fans, the manager, the players, if everyone is not together that can break down very quickly. This move is a huge gamble.

Qualifying for the Champions League next season is still doable, that’s why they’ve changed it now. It is still up for grabs. Spurs will pick things up now.

Poch will have six month or a year out. He will get a top job. Manchester United, Real Madrid, Juve, Bayern Munich. It will be a monster job. And he will probably come back and break Spurs’ hearts.

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