Published On: Mon, Oct 28th, 2019

Joker movie 2019: Joaquin Phoenix’s co-star recalls his ‘irritating’ habit | Films | Entertainment

“The one thing I will stay that was a bit irritating is that when I was running through my set, there were all these extras and they’d clearly been told that I was doing well, so they were laughing and enthusiastic,” he explained.

“And there was one extra who was so enthusiastic in his laughter that it was throwing off my timing.

“He was just laughing too loud and right when I was about to say something to Todd [Phillips, the director] about maybe getting the guy not to laugh so loud, I realised that it was Joaquin Phoenix,” he added. “It’s my best Joker story.

“I can’t believe it took me six minutes to figure out that the man with the really bizarre laugh was the Joker,” Gulman admitted.

Thankfully, the comedian realised his mistake just in time, although it can’t have been easy to soldier on with his set with the Joker’s wild cackle cutting through the atmosphere.

Meanwhile, Gulman also addressed the controversy in the reception Joker has received since it’s release earlier this month.

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