Published On: Mon, Sep 2nd, 2019

Jeremy Corbyn speech backfires as Leave voters welcome his no deal Brexit Trump comparison | Politics | News

The Labour leader is urging opponents of a no deal departure from the EU to work together to block Boris Johnson’s plans and is also called for a new general election. Mr Corbyn said: “A no deal Brexit is really a Trump-deal Brexit, leading to a one-sided United States trade deal that will put us at the mercy of Donald Trump and the biggest American corporations.”

He continued: “The pally enthusiasm for our new Prime Minister only serves to underline that.

“In Boris Johnson, Trump has found a compliant British leader who dances to his tune.

“Unless we stop Johnson’s government now, it is a headlong rush into the arms of Donald Trump.

“I am not prepared to stand by and allow our public services and protections to be handed over to US big business.”

Mr Corbyn demanded a new general election but said a no deal Brexit had to be blocked before it was called.

He said: “First we must come together to stop no-deal – this week could be our last chance.

“We are working with other parties to do everything necessary to pull our country back from the brink. Then we need a general election.

“When a government finds itself without a majority, the solution is not to undermine democracy – the solution is to let the people decide, and call a general election.

“A general election is the democratic way forward, to give the people the choice between two very different directions for our country.”

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