Published On: Sat, Aug 24th, 2019

Jeremy Corbyn as Labour Party Prime Minister would risk democracy claims Toby Young | UK | News

The claim was made by writer and journalist Toby Young, a leading Brexiteer. He argued a Labour Government under the party’s current leadership would place the western alliance in “greater jeopardy than it ever has been in before”. Mr Corbyn has previously expressed hostility to NATO, though withdrawal is not currently Labour Party policy.

Speaking to Mr Young said: “I think the Western alliance which has preserved freedom and democracy throughout the 20th century, and certainly since 1945, would be in greater jeopardy if Corbyn became Prime Minister than it ever has been before.

“I think that would be a gift to the enemies of the West, it would be a gift to Putin, it would be a gift to China, that’s one of many reasons why Corbyn becoming Prime Minister would be absolutely catastrophic.

“It wouldn’t just endanger freedom and democracy in the United Kingdom, it would endanger freedom and democracy across the West.”

Speaking in 2011 Mr Corbyn described NATO as a “danger to the world”.

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However the Labour Party is officially committed to the UK remaining in NATO.

Speaking in 2017 Shadow Foreign Secretary Emily Thornberry said “Jeremy has been on a journey” since his 2011 remarks and “the predominance of opinion within Labour is that we are committed to NATO”.

Mr Corbyn previously took about £20,000 for appearances on Press TV, widely regarded as a propaganda arm of the Iranian regime.

Mr Young added: “I think that the Labour Party has been taken over by an extremist Marxist faction.

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“One of the freakish extraordinary things I’ve heard is that one of the things Labour would do in its first 100 days in office is replace the special relationship between Britain and the United States with a special relationship between Britain and Cuba.

“It would be funny in a Citizen Smith like satire of hard-left socialism but if it actually happens it won’t be funny. It will be an absolute catastrophe.

“In every case when Britain has been at loggerheads with a foreign power whether it be Argentina, Iran, Corbyn has always sided with the enemies of this country.”

Labour insists in remains committed to the western security alliance.

The party’s 2017 General Election manifesto vowed to keep spending at least 2 percent of GDP on defence and added: “Alongside our commitment to NATO, we will continue to work with the EU on a range of operational missions to promote and support global and regional security.”

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