Published On: Wed, Aug 14th, 2019

Jeffrey Epstein ‘promised high life’ and money to lure teen girl into paedophile ring | World | News

Selby Patrick says billionaire US financier Epstein’s money led her twin sister Skye to develop a heroin addiction that eventually claimed her life. Following Epstein’s suspected jail cell suicide on Saturday, Ms Patrick is demanding that socialite Ms Maxwell, 57, is brought to court to answer accusations that she lured Skye, then 16, into Epstein’s clutches. Mother-of-two Selby, 32, said Skye once said of Epstein: “He scared the life out of me.” 

Bank supervisor Selby, who adopted Skye’s young son following her death, admits she could not know where her sister’s life would have led, but believes Epstein helped write her death sentence. 

“It was the money,” she said. “All the cash did was provide Skye with cash for drink and then drugs. It was like he was handing her a death sentence.” 

Selby says she now hopes Ms Maxwell, daughter of the late disgraced publishing tycoon Robert Maxwell, is the one “petrified” as authorities focus on Epstein’s alleged procurers. 

She said: “It was Ghislaine, or Gillian as the girls knew her, who first recruited Skye’s friends into Epstein’s world. 

“For 15 and 16-year-old girls, the glamorous billionaire life was too much to resist. Who wouldn’t want to rub shoulders with royalty and live like a princess as they saw Ghislaine did?” 

Selby claimed: “Skye would always say how Ghislaine was so sophisticated and put together. 

“Any teenage girl would want what she had – the clothes, the cars, the parties and the pampering.” After Epstein’s apparent suicide as he was held on child sex trafficking charges in New York, US attorney general William Barr warned that alleged co-conspirators “should not rest easy” and would be the focus of the criminal investigation. 

Ms Maxwell, who introduced Prince Andrew to Epstein, has gone into hiding after being accused in court of recruiting girls for the hedge fund boss and taking part in their abuse. She strenuously denies the claims. 

Selby said that after initially going to Epstein’s Florida mansion with her friends, Skye was left alone and Epstein ordered her to strip. Selby said when Skye refused, Epstein offered the teenager a massage and $300 to take off her top. She did so and he demanded she take off her bra, before turning aggressive and trying to rip it off. 

Selby claimed that whenever Skye or her friends visited Epstein’s home to “hang out”, Ms Maxwell would be present, “always there with him”. 

In the grip of heroin addiction, Skye embarked on a life of petty crime before being found dead in a sleazy West Palm Beach motel room on May 30 2017, weeks before her 30th birthday. 

The cause of her death was recorded as a heroin overdose. 

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