Published On: Thu, Sep 5th, 2019

Jamie Laing net worth: Strictly Come Dancing and Made in Chelsea star has this fortune

Jamie Laing is known by many for appearing in the Channel 4 reality TV show, Made in Chelsea. He was set to take part in the new series of Strictly Come Dancing but it has been announced he has pulled out due to an injury. The Strictly Twitter posted: “Due to an injury, Jamie is no longer able to take part in #Strictly 2019.” How much cash has the reality star earned?

Jamie Laing net worth

The TV star has a net worth of £2 million, according to Spear’s magazine.

Despite coming from a wealthy family, the reality star has had a number of his own ventures to build his bank. 

Before landing his big role, Jamie first started earning cash after graduating from Leeds University.

He had a number of odd jobs before becoming a regular on Made in Chelsea and has since made guest appearances on shows such as Celebrity Juice, Would I Lie to You? and Through the Keyhole.

Jamie topped up his bank balance by setting up a candy and clothing brand called Candy Kittens and some of these products are stocked in stores including Topshop and Harvey Nichols.

Just from the opening night of the project, Jamie announced he made a staggering turnover of £25,000 and has complemented the range with the cookbook, Candy Kittens: Recipes for Sweet Treats.

A quick scan of his social media accounts show a number of brand collaborations which will have added to his incredible wealth.

Although he has built up an impressive fortune of his own, Jamie is no stranger to money as his great-grandfather, Alexander Grant, invented the Digestive biscuit.

Alexander soon became the chairman and managing director of United Biscuits, the company that owns McVities.

Even now, the business is still in the family and, although Jamie does not get any money from this directly, his dad is said to be a silent partner in the company.

With such an astounding fortune, it was reported the reality star’s dad hired an accountant to monitor his spending. 

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