Published On: Sat, Sep 25th, 2021

James Bond: Daniel Craig co-star says ‘Nobody has heard of Bond in France’ | Films | Entertainment

Malek said: “Going toe-to-toe with him was huge, and I knew that from the very start. I just knew I had to bring my A-game and I think it worked out. We have a very special movie on our hands.”

Asked if he is intimidated by working on such a major blockbuster, he said: “Not anymore, although seeing Daniel on the 007 stage in full James Bond mode made me drop a few lines!”

Craig also described going toe-to-toe with Guardians of the Galaxy star Dave Bautista on Spectre, which resulted in the Brit breaking his knee while they filmed the fight scene on a train.

When Craig returned to set to complete the scene with his leg in a brace, he returned the favour by accidentally breaking Bautista’s nose. WATCH him tell the story below.

After all the tough talk, it was Craig’s on-screen girlfriend who put a little puncture in the macho Bond mythos.

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