Published On: Thu, Oct 17th, 2019

Jameela Jamil criticised by Victoria’s Secret star Sara Sampaio over ‘starved’ models post | Ents & Arts News

A Victoria’s Secret model has hit out at actress and activist Jameela Jamil for referring to fashion models as “long-starved” and “terrified” in a Twitter post.

The online argument broke out after Sara Sampaio responded to a clip shared by Jamil praising a “beautiful” catwalk show, which featured the Gold Caviar Crew dancing at Vienna Fashion Week.

“Oh my god, this looks like the most fun, and not a long-starved terrified teenager in sight. Beautiful,” the British star said.

In response, Sampaio accused Jamil of being a hypocrite.

“How about celebrating someone without bringing other people down?” she said. “Calling runway models ‘long-starved terrified teenager’ is extremely offensive. From someone that is always preaching for body positivity this just screams hypocrisy.”

Jamil clarified that she had not been referring to “all models” but that there is a “vast majority issue with young girls starving themselves, and using drugs and cocaine to control their weight, to meet the very small sample sizes”.

The argument continued back and forth on Twitter, with Sampaio later posting: “It’s very simple to celebrate someone without having to drag other people. And make general negative assumptions about a whole group of people. most of these girls are teenagers! And they don’t deserved to be constantly put in a negative box like you just did.”

Jamil, who used to work as a model, said Sampaio was “wrong”.

“Her defensiveness over working in a toxic industry that she doesn’t fight hard enough against, when it comes to poor treatment of young girls, made her think I was calling out starving, scared teenagers. I was calling out the shows and the industry. Not the kids,” she said.

The heated discussion promoted a huge response on Twitter, with some users agreeing with Jamil, others with Sampaio.

“She’s talking about the standards set on runway models,” said one user to Sampaio. “It is an obvious problem that runway models often starve themselves because of the standards placed on them. She isn’t making fun of the scared teenagers, she’s pointing out that sh*t industry that made them that way.”

But another said: “I kind of agree with Sara. All she had say “oh my god, this looks like the most runaway walk ever” there was no need to add extra commentary. No need to disparage other models because the industry is inconceivable standards.”

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