Published On: Tue, Aug 13th, 2019

Ivanka Trump savaged by viewers on her ‘tax payer funded embarrassing propaganda video’ | World | News

Ivanka Trump posted a promotional video of her work with Women’s Global Development and Prosperity (WGDP) initiative. However, viewers of the video quickly took to criticising Donald Trump’s daughter and accused her of nepotism. She posted the video with the caption: “In case you missed it, yesterday, marked six months of W-GDP.

“We are prioritising and executing women’s economic empowerment in new and foundational ways to impact 50 million women by 2025.

“When women are free to work and prosper, economies thrive.”

Over the Video Ms Trump also narrated: “Being here was a tremendous honour and great opportunity to bring the message of W-GDP.

“Our first all-of-government effort to empower 50 million economically by 2025.

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“We are incredibly excited about the implementation of this vast new initiative.

“It was a very productive time spent here talking about issues relating to the United States and our defence to Ethiopia.

“These problems are local problems, they need to be addressed on a local level.

“It is exciting to come here to Africa and talk about the unique opportunities and the unique challenges that face female entrepreneurs in this country and on this continent.

“Because when Africa is empowered we all rise together and women are the greatest underleveraged resource in the developing world.”

Social Media user Pal Ticks also added: “In case you missed it?

“No we didn’t miss it, we just don’t give a s*** about anything you do, have ever done, or will ever do.

“In your silver spoon-fed, trust fund leeching, nepotism capitalising grifting little life.”

Despite some of the more critical comments some viewers commended Ms Trump for her efforts and bringing light to important issues.

One person wrote: “You’re an amazing young woman and thank you for all you do and I pray God blesses you and keeps you and your family.”

Another added: “You are a terrific role Model Ivanka”, and commented congratulations on such a great initiative.

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