Published On: Wed, Sep 4th, 2019

Ivanka Trump news: First daughter’s shock revelation in Colombia | World | News

The First Daughter chopped off her locks in favour of a sleek bob which she showed off as she was was snapped deplaning and posing with officials in Colombia. She tweeted: “Just landed in Bogota, Colombia. Thank you Vice President Marta Lucía Ramírez for the warm welcome. Looking forward to a great trip!” Donald Trump’s daughter is visiting Colombia, Argentina and Paraguay to promote the Women’s Global Development & Prosperity Initiative.

The initiative, launched in February, works to build women up in the workplace.

Ivanka’s new cropped look marks the second cut she has undergone this summer.

The First Daughter’s original long blonde hairstyle was subject to both raves from her fans as well as “Nepotism Barbie” jabs from critics.

Ivanka’s latest collar-length bob has been received with both cheers and jeers.

Many people took to social media to Tweet their admiration of the new do.

Lucy Elberg Tweeted: “Love your style, love your hair, stunning so blessed.

She added: “You should be on People magazine cover, most beautiful woman in the world.”

Another twitter user said: “You look good even with short hair.”

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One Twitter uses posted: “She looks awful, makes her look 15 years older.”

Mark Candler said on Twitter: “A haircut will never fix her problems.”

Rose Helman believed she was the only one who thought Ivanka’s hair cut was not a good look.

This came after actor and writer Tim Rock tweeted: “What is with your family and bad haircuts?”

Another Tweeter said: “Ivanka sets new fashion trends for the swamp.”

Ivanka is a senior White House advisor to along with her husband Jared Kushner.

The President’s daughter faced another Twitter back lash last month after sharing a series of pictures on social media of herself, her husband and their children enjoying the nature of Wyoming while on holiday.

Various social media users piled on with attacks on her father’s poor environmental record in office and other policies.

Critics on Twitter and Instagram were quick to point out hypocrisy, as Trump has moved to weaken protections for endangered animals.

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