Published On: Thu, Oct 24th, 2019

Ivanka Trump humiliated: First daughter mocked after Instagram and Twitter claim | World | News

Ivanka Trump recently claimed the US has “achieved quantum supremacy” in a collaboration between “the Trump Admin, Google and UC Santa Barbara”. However, Twitter users have reacted to the comments, disputing the First Daughter’s involvement in the achievement. Ivanka Trump tweeted: “It’s official! The US has achieved quantum supremacy!

“In a collaboration between the Trump Admin, @Google and UC Santa Barbara, quantum computer Sycamore has completed a calculation in 3 min 20 sec that would take about 10,000 years for a classical comp.”

She added in a separate tweet: “#QIS is a critical industry of the future.

“That’s why @POTUS signed the National Quantum Initiative Act into law, supporting robust quantum R&D. We’re proud to have contributed to this major milestone, ushering in the next gen of quantum tech in the USA!”

Ivanka Trump also made the same claim in an Instagram post.

One Twitter user posted: “That is not what quantum supremacy means.”

They added: “It’s not my opinion – quantum supremacy is defined as when a quantum computer is shown to be superior to a classical computer.

“It has nothing to do with one country being superior over others.”

Another Twitter user added: “Oh, look who is taking credit for Google’s achievement?”

Google recently declared a breakthrough in quantum supremacy, but computer hardware company IBM disputed the claim.

Google made the claim in the journal Nature on Wednesday, with authors writing: “To our knowledge, this experiment marks the first computation that can be performed only on a quantum processor.

“Quantum processors have thus reached the regime of quantum supremacy.”

However, IBM scientists statedL “Google’s experiment is an excellent demonstration of the progress in superconducting-based quantum computing.

“But it should not be viewed as proof that quantum computers are ‘supreme’ over classical computers.”

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