Published On: Thu, Sep 5th, 2019

Ivanka Trump: First Daughter savagely MOCKED on US show in latest – White House VIDEO | World | News

The First Daughter, dubbed ‘daughter-in-chief’ has accompanied her father, President Trump on many state visits and met world leaders such as Kim Jong Un. Ivanka has previously said she gives Trump advice on a plethora of issues with her “open and candid feedback” but failed to explain what policies she has advised on. The Daily Show presenter said: “The true nature of Ivanka Trump’s role is a mystery.

“For two years, Ivanka has held a job in The White House but one big question still haunts America: ‘What does Ivanka actually do?’

“Most White House employees have clear roles. Mike Pence if the Vice President but what about Ivanka?

“Broadcasters have referred to Ivanka as daughter-in-chief, special adviser, special assistant, unpaid employee and trusted confidante.

“Yet in spite of all those descriptions, we still don’t know: when Ivanka goes into work in the morning, what happens next?”

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President Trump has previously said in a speech: “My daughter has created millions of jobs. I don’t know if anyone knows that but she’s created millions of jobs.”

Social media users were quick to add to the scathing attack as they said gave suggestions on what she does as a job.

Reacting to the Daily Show clip, one Twitter user said: “Get daddy out of bed, grift, change outfits and grift some more.”

Another added: “Zilch. Walk around and pretend to look important and useful.”

Another, Stephanie Brown at Soho’s IGK Salon, said: “She looks like an anchor from Fox News, and that’s probably the next job she’ll get anyway.”

A sleek bob is often associate with a sleek business look.

Other famous women to rock the look in history include Jacqueline Kennedy, a style icon of another Trump woman, Melania, 49.

Hilary Clinton too wore her hair in a chin-length bob when serving as First Lady in 1994.

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