Published On: Thu, Sep 26th, 2019

ITV PESTON: Dominic Grieve ‘terrified’ at support for Boris Johnson – latest Brexit news | UK | News

Former Conservative MP Dominic Grieve revealed his reaction to the Prime Minister’s return to the House of Commons. Following the Supreme Court ruling of prorogation to be “unlawful” and “of no effect”, Parliament reconvened yesterday. The Tory leader left his New York trip to face the Commons.

Despite calls for his resignation, Boris Johnson received a standing ovation from his party when he mocked the opposition for voting against a general election.

Mr Johnson challenged them to table a motion of no confidence tonight or “shut up”.

The Prime Minister also dismissed MPs’ fears of death threats as “humbug”.

He claimed that the best way to honour murdered MP Jo Cox was to “deliver Brexit”.

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ITV’s Robert Peston asked Mr Grieve about his former party’s actions in the Commons.

The MP said: “I find it terrifying actually.

“This is somebody who’s a pathological liar, one can watch him do it in the Chamber of the House of Commons.

“I agree with Jess Phillips, he has no moral compass of any kind at all.”

The legislation was a proposed procedure to allow the House to pass a bill to prevent a no deal Brexit.

The Commons as a whole voted 328 to 301 to take control of the agenda, allowing them to bring a bill requesting a Brexit delay.

The Prime Minister had threatened beforehand to remove the whip from any Conservatives who voted in favour of the bill.

Subsequently Mr Grieve, along with other prominent Tories like Phillip Hammond, had the Conservative whip removed.

Mr Grieve currently sits as an independent politician.

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