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Italy news: Salvini claims new Italian Government ‘born in Brussels’ | World | News

Italy’s new government, combining the anti-establishment 5-Star Movement – formerly Lega’s coalition partner – and the centre-left Democratic Party (PD), was sworn into office on Thursday, promising to reset Rome’s often fraught relations with Brussels.  will continue as the country’s Prime Minister, despite having offered his resignation last month in the country’s Senate, branding him “irresponsible” and “an opportunist” for pushing for an early election.

This is the first Italian government to be born in Brussels

Matteo Salvini

However, the announcement failed to impress the outspoken right-winger, said: “This is the first Italian government to be born in , with an Economy Minister, a professor of History, who arrives directly from Brussels, with a Health Minister with no experience in the sector, with a Transport Minister without any transport experience and with an Education Minister who said that to increase the salaries of professors we must tax snacks and carbonated soft drinks: it would be funny if there were no Italians involved.

“We will be the opposition of this government in the European Parliament and in Italy, where we are majority, with our mayors and governors”.

Matteo Salvini

Matteo Salvini has predicted the new Government “won’t last long” (Image: GETTY)

Luigi Di Maio

Luigi Di Maio is in charge of Foreign Affairs (Image: GETTY)

Sticking to his theme on Twitter, offered a dire prognosis about the fledging Government as he looked forward to the general election he hopes will happen soon.

He posted: “The government of the strong European powers will not have a long life.

“Opposition in Parliament, in municipalities and in the streets, then finally we will vote and… we will win!!!

“I do not give up and I will never give up, my friends.”


Giuseppe Conte

Giuseppe Conte is carrying on as Prime Minister (Image: GETTY)

In a letter send to Italian diplomats after the deal was confirmed, 5SM leader , who will serve as Foreign Affairs minister in the new Government, said: “Foreign policy will be an essential component of this Government and will have as a priority the national interest in Europe and in the world with the authority that belongs to a great country like Italy and to its recognised and appreciated tradition of balance and openness to dialogue with others.

“We will maintain a sincere and open dialogue with our partners, without, of course, renouncing the European and Atlantic values that characterise the history of our country.”

He added: “Africa can no longer be seen only as a cause for concern, but as an opportunity to identify new strategic partners to increase the development and growth of our country”.

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Paolo Gentiloni

Former PM Paolo Gentiloni is the country’s European Commissioner (Image: GETTY)

Ursula von der Leyen

Incoming European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen (Image: GETTY)

“The migrant issue will be one of the priorities of the new government’s foreign policy.

“We intend to work for greater European responsibility and to overcome the Dublin regulation.”

Meanwhile, former Prime Minister , who as Italy’s EU commissioner is likely to get the powerful economic and monetary affairs portfolio, said: “It is a responsibility that honours me.

Italy general election

Italy’s political map after last year’s general election (Image: Wikipedia)

“I will try with all my strength and my hard work to contribute to a new positive season for Italy and for Europe.

“I love Italy and Europe and I am proud of this task. Now let’s work for a better season.”

PD secretary tweeted: “Excellent choice for Italy, which is back in Europe.”

Incoming Commission President Ursula von der Leyen tweeted: “I am happy to have received names from all the EU Member States. 

Nicola Zingaretti

Nicola Zingaretti tweeted his congratulations to Mr Gentiloni (Image: GETTY)

“Now looking forward to assembling a well-balanced College which I’ll present on Tuesday.”

The confirmation of Mr Gentolini is likely to anger , whose party had been due to name Rome’s

commissioner after it triumphed at European parliamentary elections in May, taking 34 percent of the vote.

(Additional reporting by Maria Ortega)

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