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Italy news: Italian Senate to set date of no confidence motion in government today | World | News

The right-wing League said last week its coalition with the anti-establishment 5-Star Movement had broken down and demanded early elections. But 5Star leader Luigi Di Maio said that League party leader Minister Matteo “Salvini betrayed Italians” by pulling the plug on the government. Mr Di Maio said in a Facebook post: “We are ready to head back to the polls, the League mocked Italians”.

A Senate panel failed to reach an agreement over a timetable for the debate.

Politicians from all the parties in parliament left the meeting still arguing over when the League’s no-confidence motion should be heard.

They said Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte would address the Senate around August 20.

But this was opposed by the ruling right-wing League, along with Silvio Berlusconi’s Forza Italia and the Brothers of Italy.

Now Senate Speaker Maria Elisabetta Alberti Casellati said a vote in the Senate will have to take place on Tuesday to confirm the date.

Luigi di Maio’s Five Star movement teamed up with the nationalist League in June 2018.

But the relationship broke down and the League’s poll ratings have seen a huge increase.

The government is headed by an independent prime minister, Giuseppe Conte.

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If they all agree on a snap election, it could also mean Mr Salvini could withdraw his ministers from Mr Conte’s Cabinet.

This would result in an automatic collapse of the government.

And a no-confidence vote in the prime minister would not be needed.

Mr Salvini said last week: “Let’s immediately head back to parliament to ascertain this government no longer has a majority as appears to be clear from yesterday’s Senate vote.”

The Senate vote took place last Wednesday when his right-wing League and the main opposition parties voted down a motion by the 5Star Movement to block a high-speed link between Turin and Lyon.

This prompted Mr Conte to officially launch a process that could result in snap elections as soon as October.

Mr Conte said he called the speakers of the two houses of parliament.

He then asked them to summon MPs back from their summer recess for a confidence vote.

He said: “Mr Salvini came to speak to me to let me know he is planning to head back to the polls to capitalise his current popularity in a snap election.

“I told Mr Salvini his move would jeopardise important reforms my government had initiated.”

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