Published On: Mon, Aug 26th, 2019

Israel election: Why Netanyahu will take harsher stance on Palestinians to win election | World | News

Israel today struck a Palestinian base in Lebanon as tensions rose again in the region ahead of September’s election. The latest poll shows Mr Netanyahu’s Likud Party enjoy a three-point lead over the second-placed opposition. With pressure on the Israeli President amid accusations of corruption and a serious chance of losing power next month, an Israeli MP has claimed that Mr Netanyahu will do anything to survive – including turning the screw on Palestinians and Israeli Arabs.

Dr Yousef Jabareen, who sits in the Knesset as part of the Joint List, told at PalExpo that Netanyahu may change his tactics to get a better electoral result this time around.

He said: “Netanyahu will do anything to preserve himself and to survive as Prime Minister.

“Everybody knows that he has personal issues and aspects that are very strong.

“Everything is expected, and I think we should be ready as Palestinians and leaders of the Palestinian people.”

Dr Jabareen’s Joint List coalition currently sit third in the polls – and the parliamentarian expressed his hope at gaining more representation for Arab parties in the Knesset.

He commented that he would like to change the balance of parliament to avoid another right-wing coalition.

The Joint List coalition split into the four Arab-dominated political parties – Balad, Hadash, Ta’al and the United Arab List – and ended up losing three seats in the last election.

Dr Jabareen added: “One way to do that is to raise turnout in our community, which has historically been very low.

“We did this by re-establishing the Joint List coalition.

“This will give us a strong basis to reach out to the community and ask them to participate.

“This could increase our representation could increase our numbers to 14 or 15 members so we can influence the national political stage.”

Mr Netanyahu sparked outrage from several nations after pre-emptively striking Iranian targets in Syria.

Military spokesman Jonathan Conricus said: “The IDF (Israeli Defence Force), by Israeli aircraft, was able to thwart an Iranian attempt led by the Quds force from Syria to conduct an attack on Israeli targets in northern Israel using killer drones.

Iranian Revolutionary Guards Major General Mohsen Rezaei responded: “This is a lie and not true.

“Israel and the United States do not have the power to attack Iran’s various centres, and our (military) advisory centres have not been harmed.”

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