Published On: Fri, Aug 16th, 2019

ISIS ‘blooper reel’ leaked by Al-Qaeda as jihadi group kicks off propaganda war | World | News

Al-Qaeda-linked media group Jidayah Media production this week released what appears to be a “blooper reel” of an recruitment video. The footage shows an insurgent sitting in the middle of a grassy stretch of land attempting to deliver a speech but having to deal with a nearby bird loudly interrupting with chirps. The man can also be seen stopping in what appears to be an attempt to calm his nerves as he gets flustered, pulling out what is believed to be a script from his shirt pocket.

The ISIS fighter is seen giggling when he keeps forgetting his line as the cameraman tells him to “stay calm, keep cool”.

The video was filmed in 2017 when ISIS still controlled a part of and – with the footage believed to be part of a new recruitment strategy to drag in new members further into the conflict zone.

Dr Elizabeth Kendall from Oxford University’s Pembroke College unearthed the blooper reel from a propaganda video Al Qaeda released earlier this week in what seems to be an attempt from the terrorist group to ridicule ISIS as the jihadists seek to expand their influence over Yemen.

Dr Kendall suggested the video was originally found by Al-Qaeda operatives after taking over a former ISIS camp in al-Bayda, Yemen earlier this summer.

A caption at the beginning of the video, which was released to mark the Islamic festival of Eid al-Adha, said: “Look O viewing brother at this scene and [how] they are practicing [their scene] in order to show it as spontaneous when, actually, it is a scene they acted out.”

ISIS and Al-Qaeda are two terrorist groups with active cells across the world who have long been fighting over territory in the Middle East. The jihadi organisations have been known to insult, mock and belittle each other in what has developed into a rather bizarre propaganda war.

The Islamic State in Iraq and Syria earlier this years suffered heavy territorial losses after US intervention in Syria, an announcement President hailed as a victory for his administration. 

However, a recent report from the Department of Defense warned the terrorist group continues to pose a significant threat for the international community.

Jean-Charles Brisard, president of the French Centre for the Analysis of Terrorism (CAT), told France’s RTL radio on Tuesday: “We know for a fact that ISIS will launch one or several terrorist attacks in the West to prove it still exists and to remobilise its troops,” adding that the group “still poses a real threat”.

“This threat must be taken seriously,” he continued: “ISIS suffered major territorial losses and needs the world to know it is still very much active.”

UN experts said, despite their military defeat in the Middle East, ISIS militants are “adapting, consolidating and creating conditions for an eventual resurgence” in Europe.

European states believe as many as 6,000 of their citizens fled to Iraq or Syria to join the ranks of ISIS or other militant groups. Around a third are presumed dead. But 2,000 or more may have returned to Europe, according to the UN.

Western countries have so far been reluctant to take back citizens who went to Iraq or Syria to join ISIS, branding them a serious security risk and enemies of the state.

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