Published On: Sun, Sep 29th, 2019

Iran news: Tehran commander reveals plan to kidnap Trump and put him on trial | World | News

Military tensions between Iran and the US  have escalated to extreme levels this week, after a secret plot to kidnap President Donald Trump was revealed. General Mohsen Rezaee, who previously led Iran’s Revolutionary Guard Corps, told Iranian state TV about the plan to kidnap Donald Trump. His remarks came as Iran’s Foreign Minister Javad Zarif told US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo to prepare for a trial.

General Mohsen Rezaee, who currently serves as the Secretary of Iran’s Expediency Council, said that Iran will eventually catch President Trump and place him on trial before an international court for the crimes he has committed.

He told Iran’s Channel 2: “Ultimately, we will catch Trump and place him on trial.

“An international court will convene and Trump will have to stand trial.

“He should stand trial not just for what he did to our people, but for his crimes against other nations as well.”

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He also mocked the US for failing to respond when Iran shot down an American military drone earlier this year.

The Iranian commander said: “We must be at the top of our defensive preparedness.

“But when the Americans are incapable of retaliating against Iran for the downing of their ultra-secret plane, would they be able to help Saudi Arabia?

“They cannot defend themselves, so how would they defend Saudi Arabia? Everybody has received that message.”

Earlier today, Iran-backed Houthi rebels in Yemen said they had captured a large number of Saudi troops after a major attack near the border between the two countries.

A Houthi spokesman told the BBC that three Saudi brigades had surrendered near the Saudi town of Najran.

He said thousands of soldiers had been captured and many others killed.

The operation was the largest of its kind since the conflict began, according to the Houthi rebels.

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