Published On: Thu, Oct 31st, 2019

Imran Khan on brink as protestors slam ‘fake’ government amid India Kashmir split | World | News

The capital city Islamabad is due to hold anti-government demonstrations on Thursday with furious protestors calling for Mr Khan‘s resignation due to a labouring economy and accusations of a rigged election last year. The protests are due to arrive in Islamabad as many make their way from Lahore, but they will be met with heightened security forces, roadblocks and barriers in an attempt to shield the diplomatic centre of the city. The protests are lead by Rehman, who heads the Jamiat Ulema-i-Islam-Fazl party, and he has billed his protest as a freedom, march.

He told journalists in Lahore: “This movement will not stop if we don’t get the desired results after reaching Islamabad.

“We want the prime minister’s resignation, the entire assembly is fake, we want to dissolve it.”

Mr Khan won last year’s election on a promise to end corruption, help middle-class families and get the economy on track, but domestic struggles have left many disenfranchised with the government.

Pakistan is also enduring an ongoing political dispute with India as the two nations clash over the Kashmir region, where Prime Minister Narendra Modi has enforced strict curfews amid escalating protests.

Thursday’s protests in Pakistan coincide with the official splitting of the Jammu and Kashmir regions, the legislation that instigated the disputes.

Article 370 has been withdrawn by the Indian government.

The legislation granted the region autonomy, self governance and self identity – but Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi changed the legislation meaning the region is now split into two union territories.

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There have been concerns in both New Delhi and Islamabad that the tensions could cause a jihadist outbreak in retaliation to India’s power move.

Khan argued this was not wise, stating: “Some elements are instigating Jihad and armed struggle against the Indian forces which will be a great damage to the Kashmir cause, and is against the interest of Pakistan as well.”

He pledged that Pakistan would go to any length to support the cause of Kashmiris – diplomatically and politically.

He said: “I assure that the entire nation is standing by you (Kashmiris) and Pakistan will go to any length to help you.”

With Kashmir coming under stronger Indian grip, and domestic unrest brewing, Mr Khan is cutting a very lonely figure.

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