Published On: Fri, Aug 23rd, 2019

If you attack a robot, it might photograph you in the act

Image: Knightscope

Humans haven’t quite reached a WALL-E-like society where robots care for our every possible need, but we do have a few roving security robots that can monitor places like banks, casinos, malls, and hospitals so human security guards can catch a break. Some people don’t seem to like the new robot cops: earlier this month in Hayward, California, a security robot captured video of an alleged attacker shortly before he bowled it over.

Here’s a video from Knightscope, which makes the robot that was attacked:

If you recognize this person, the Hayward Police Department could use a hand.

Knocking over one of these robots isn’t something you’d likely do by accident — Knightscope says it weighs 398 lbs. But most people…

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