Published On: Sun, Aug 18th, 2019

If Jeremy Corbyn is the answer then God alone knows what the question is – COMMENT | Politics | News

It’s okay, me too apparently. Welcome to the worldview of Britain’s new and appalling breed of anti-politician – the McDonnells, Hammonds, Grieves and Corbyns who scorn your opinion and hold your democracy in contempt.

Oddly they appear to have no party allegiance. These political cockroaches scuttle into the daylight from all corners, under Tory floorboards, behind Labour cupboards and beneath Lib Dem rocks, seemingly united in only one thing – a crazed determination to overturn your democratic decision to leave the European Union.

You got it wrong you see.

And they’re not having it.

So this week we find ourselves in the jaw-dropping position of having senior, grown-up politicians seriously proposing Jeremy Corbyn should seize power in some sort of cockeyed coup d’etat.

Jeremy Corbyn. VHS video in human form – an outdated, irrelevant, throwback to the 1980s, no longer of any use to anyone, and superseded by far better alternatives.

Everyone knows this.

Even Jeremy Corbyn knows this.

Jeremy Corbyn, an ageing, unreconstructed Marxist who still thinks he’s fighting Thatcher and supporting the miners. Jeremy Corbyn, who now runs a party too gutless to make a decision on Brexit and too riven with anti-semitism to ever be electable. Jeremy Corbyn, an Islington cous-cous eater who wouldn’t know a Scunthorpe steel mill or a Glasgow shipyard if he fell over one.

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So what could be more unifying than installing a government led by busted-flush Europhile lefties hell bent on cravenly crawling back to the EU and asking for forgiveness for ever doubting the wisdom and supremacy of our Brussels masters?

Brexit is divisive, as politics is, and this is fine and healthy. You’re allowed to pick your side and argue passionately for it – as we all did in 2016.

But then we have a vote, and if you lose you lose.

You don’t get to throw a tantrum and demand another go.

The Remainers claim we were asked the wrong question in 2016.

But if Jeremy Corbyn, Harriet Harman and Ken Clarke are the now the answer then god alone knows what the new question is.

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