Published On: Wed, Aug 28th, 2019

Iceland PROVES leaving EU is BEST for UK: Ex-PM says ‘markets may panic but then prosper’ | UK | News

Speaking on Sky News, Mr Gunnlaugsson claimed once the UK has left the bloc, it will not take long for Britain to “get back on track and be stronger than ever”. The former Prime Minister also said he thought the UK would be able to manage a no deal Brexit “quite well”.

He said: “I have no doubt the UK will prosper after leaving.

“Given Iceland’s experience once you are in a position to make your own decisions based on your own particular situation for what is best for the country.

“As a person who believes in democracy and as a person who believes in the United Kingdom, given its history, your enormous achievements and what you have been through, I have no doubts you will prosper like never before.”

He added: “However, admittedly you may have some problems in the short term, markets might panic for a while.

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“And I’m sure there will be a lot of people willing to blame difficulties on the UK having left the EU.

“But, if you want to avoid these short-term problems, you take the same route we have taken, by becoming temporary members, well we are not temporary, but you could become temporary members of the EEA agreement which would more or less, in my opinion, resolve all of your difficulties without the problems you are faced with, having a bilateral agreement, currently placed with.”

Asked whether leaving the EU without a deal at the end of October this year, the former Prime Minister of Iceland said: “No, I think you can manage it quite well.”

He added: “There will simply be that many people looking for all the problems that might arise from leaving.

“And the markets might be a bit scared for a while, but I don’t think that will be a long-term situation.

Mr Johnson was expected to seek an extended suspension of Parliament ahead of the Queen’s Speech on October 14.

It comes just a day after the Prime Minister was issued a warning from those trying to block no deal after Labour said they would do everything in their power to block that kind of exit.

Fellow opposition parties met on Tuesday afternoon, and a cross-party group of around 160 MPs has signed a declaration to support doing “whatever is necessary” to stop a no deal Brexit.

Speaking at the event at Church House in Westminster shadow chancellor John McDonnell said Prime Minister Boris Johnson was threatening democracy by not ruling out proroguing Parliament to push through no deal.

He added: “Prime Ministers come and Prime Ministers go. But actually, I don’t think we have ever seen a Prime Minister like this who has the potential to threaten the very nature of our democracy.”

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