Published On: Wed, Oct 2nd, 2019

Hurricane Lorenzo: Terrifying pictures show Azores devastation as storm heads for Britain | World | News

Lorenzo is the most powerful storm ever recorded so far north and east in the Atlantic basin and was previously a Category 5 hurricane – the highest in the Saffir-Simpson Hurricane Wind Scale. The hurricane’s strength is weakening, now at Category 2 on the scale, but it still wreaked havoc on the archipelago. Preliminary recordings show wind speeds reached over 100mph and 127 incidences have been recorded.

The storm swept through the Azores this morning, as huge gusts of winds caused significant damage to much of the islands.

The Regional Civil Protection and Fire Service of the Azores report there have been 127 incidences so far, and have mainly occurred in Faial Island, Pico and Flores.

The reports mainly relate to road obstructions, housing damage, falling trees and flooding.

Other areas affected include Corvo Island, São Jorge, Gracious, Terceira and São Miguel.

39 people were relocated, mostly in Faial Island, one of the worst affected areas.

About 100 people were also evacuated in the coastal area of the municipality of Lajes do Pico, as a precaution.

No deaths have been reported.

Pictures show the sheer devastation seen in Faial, with paths completely covered in debris from the storm.

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Yesterday, the Portuguese Institute of Sea and Atmosphere (IMPA) issued an alert, warning the centre of the hurricane is expected to pass through the Azores on Wednesday, particularly affecting the Western group.

They warned: “The entire archipelago will feel the effects of Hurricane Lorenzo.”

IMPA said the western group was due to face gusts of winds up to 120mph, heavy rain and waves as high as 80-foot.

The central group of islands were braced for winds of 100mph and waves of between 30 and 40-foot, with a maximum heigh of 72-foot.

In anticipation of the storm, the President of the Government ordered the closure of public services in the islands of the Western and Central groups on Wednesday.

This closure, according to the order signed by Vasco Cordeiro, does not cover the services considered urgent and essential, namely hospitals, health centres and civil protection services.

Access to Pico Mountain ski resort will also be closed until 7am on Thursday.

Additional reporting by Maria Ortega

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