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Hurricane Dorian continues to wreak havoc on the Grand Bahama Island, where the deadly storm has stalled for approximately 12 hours. Dorian was downgraded from a Category 5 to a Category 3 hurricane on the Saffir Simpson wind scale on Tuesday, whipping out winds of 120mph. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) says Dorian should slowly lose strength during the next several days, but remain a powerful hurricane as it tracks very near the US east coast from Florida through the Carolinas.

Where is Hurricane Dorian right now?

According to NOAA’s latest forecast advisory, issued at 2am EDT (7am BST), Dorian is located 30 miles northeast of Freeport, Grand Bahama Island and 100 miles east of West Palm Beach, Florida.

Dorian has stalled over the island of Grand Bahama for a day, staying roughly in the same position for 12 hours.

NOAA reports the dangerous storm is still stationary, meaning it is currently not moving at all.

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According to the scientific agency the reason the cyclone has moved little “is because it is caught in weak steering currents between high pressure ridges to its east and northwest and a trough to its north.”

The latest advisory said: “This weak flow should result in a very slow and likely erratic northwest drift through at least early Tuesday.

“After that time, the models are in general agreement that the ridge to the east and trough to the north will amplify.”

The change in the steering pattern could cause Hurricane Dorian to move a little faster to the north on Wednesday.

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On Thursday and Friday, NOAA reports Dorian will change its path slightly, moving to the northeast.

The National Hurricane Center (NHC) in Miami said the track forecast remains consistent and continues to show the core of Dorian offshore, but dangerously close to the east coast of the US from Florida to North Carolina during the next three days or so.

People are reminded that hurricane conditions span from Dorian’s centre, meaning regardless of the exact forecast track, the hurricane is likely to produce strong winds and a life-threatening storm surge along a portion of the US east coast.

Gusts of 100mph have already hit Florida’s east coast and water levels could begin to rise well in advance of the arrival of stronger winds.

Evacuation orders are in place for Florida, South Carolina, Georgia and Virginia.

More than 1,300 flights have been cancelled in the US as well as to and from the country and up to 1,000 more are expected to be cancelled on Tuesday.

Residents in evacuation zones should follow the advice given by local emergency officials.

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