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Hurricane Dorian update: When will South Carolina be hit – what time landfall in Carolinas | World | News

The National Hurricane Center (NHC) is warning of a “life-threatening situation” as Category 4 hurricane Dorian stalls over the Bahamas. Packing winds of 155mph, the NHC warns: “Residents on Grand Bahama Island should not leave their shelter when the eye passes over, as winds will rapidly increase on the other side of the eye. Residents in the Abacos should continue to stay in their shelter until conditions subside later today.”

Wind gusts are reaching up to 200mph, and storm surges are 18 to 23 feet above normal tide levels.

As of their 11am EDT (4pm BST) update, Dorian is now a Category 4 storm on the five-step Saffir-Simpson Wind Scale, is located about 110 miles (180 km) east of West Palm Beach, Florida, with maximum sustained winds of 155 miles per hour, the NHC said.

It added that Dorian will continue to bring catastrophic winds and storm surges as it moves over Grand Bahama Island.

Dr Mohammad Heidarzadeh, Assistant Professor of Civil Engineering and Head of Coastal Engineering and Resilience LAB(CERLAB), Brunel University London, UK told “Dorian is a very special Hurricane in many ways.

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“This is the fourth year running that we have Category-5 hurricanes in the Atlantic Ocean.

“With maximum wind speed of 185mph (297 km/h), Dorian is one of the strongest hurricanes ever formed outside of the Caribbean Sea and the Gulf of Mexico.

“Dorian is also one of the very rare (possibly the only) Category-5 hurricanes to hit the Bahamas.”

Dorian reached wind speeds of 185mph on Sunday, and hit the Bahamas as a Category 5 storm.

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When will South Carolina be hit – what time is landfall in the Carolinas?

Florida is next in the hurricane’s sights, with a west-northwestward motion forecast over the next day or so, followed by a gradual turn toward the northwest and north.

NOAA predicts on this track “the core of extremely dangerous Dorian will continue to pound Grand Bahama Island through much of today and tonight.

“The hurricane will move dangerously close to the Florida east coast tonight through Wednesday evening.”

On that track, landfall in the Carolinas, in particular, South Carolina, is a possibility by late Thursday evening local time.

However, Dr Heidarzadeh explained how the track of Dorian is uncertain and could remain so as it comes into contact with land.

Hr said: ”It is not certain where exactly Dorian will head in the next days because hurricane routes are affected as they interact with land-forms, mountains and high-rise buildings.

“But based on past data, it is likely to hit the coasts of Florida in about 20-24 hours.

“The storm surge height is predicted to be 8-10 meters which implies severe flooding in coastal areas.

“It is very important to evacuate coastal areas and stay at least 3.1miles (5km) inland during Dorian’s action.”

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