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The type of state pension one gets will depend on when they were born, as well as their sex. For instance, women born before April 6 1953, and men born before April 6 1951 can claim the basic state pension. Those born on or after these dates can claim the new state pension, one they reach state pension age. The full new state pension is currently £168.60 per week. However, the actual amount that a person is able to get depends on their National Insurance record. explains that there are two reasons why the amount may be higher.

This is if a person has over a certain amount of Additional State Pension, or if they defer taking the state pension.

The full basic state pension is currently £129.20 per week.

The state pension is not paid automatically, but instead must be claimed – once one has reached state pension age.

The amount of extra state pension one could get depends on when they reach state pension age.

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Reaching state pension age on or after April 6, 2016

In this situation, a person’s state pension will increase every week one defers, provided this is for at least nine weeks.

The state pension increases by the equivalent of one percent for every nine weeks it is deferred.

This works out at just shy of 5.8 percent for every 52 weeks, and it is paid with one’s regular state pension payment.

Reaching state pension age before April 6, 2016

People who reached state pension age before April 6 2016 can usually take their extra state pension either as a higher weekly payment, or as a one-off lump sum.

Higher weekly payments

The state pension increases for every week deferred in this instance, provided it is deferred for at least five weeks.

This rise is the equivalent of one percent for every five weeks deferred, working out at 10.4 percent for every 52 weeks.

It is then paid with the regular state pension payment.

Lump sum payment

A person may opt to get a one-off lump sum payment, if they defer claiming the state pension for at least 12 months in a row.

This includes interest of two percent above the Bank of England base rate.

The state pension is set to rise by 3.9 percent in April next year, under the triple lock.

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