Published On: Sat, Aug 31st, 2019

Hong Kong protest: Sky News’ broadcaster startled by exploding fire – shock riots | World | News

Hong Kong has descended into “absolutely mayhem” according to Sky News correspondent Alex Crawford, who has been reporting live from the frontline of the protest. The demonstrations in Hong Kong were originally sparked by an extradition bill but have since morphed into broader anti-government protests. Today’s peaceful protests quickly spiralled “out of control” after protesters threw petrol bombs and started fires throughout Hong Kong’s streets.

Saturday’s rally, which was banned by officials, marked the fifth anniversary of China’s rejection of demands for free elections in Hong Kong, a move that sparked the mass sit-in in 2014.

During Alex Crawford’s live report, protesters set fire to a large pile of barricades and umbrellas.

In a shocking moment during the broadcast, Crawford is dramatically startled when a huge explosion takes place behind her in the raging fire.

She told viewers: “We are at the scene of another demonstration. They have built a big fire, which they have stoked.

“It is frankly out of the control. The police do not have a grip on this.”

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She continued: “The fire itself is raging out of control. This is the centre of Hong Kong, one of the financial capitals of the world.

“I have never seen anything like this. This is unprecedented. This is Hong Kong. It is not Syria or Iraq. 

“The city is burning. Hong Kong is on fire physically and metaphorically.”

At another point during the live broadcast, Crawford was forced to dive to the ground in the ensuing melee.

She also warned her camera operator about the danger of electric shocks due to water on the tram lines.

Hong Kong riot police also fired multiple rounds of teargas on thousands of demonstrators surrounding the government headquarters.

Saturday’s protests is the city’s thirteenth straight weekend of mass protests.

On Friday night, police detained three legislators hours after arresting several prominent activists including Joshua Wong, one of the leaders of the 79-day Umbrella Movement in 2014.

Mr Wong, who was charged with organising an unlawful assembly in June, was released on bail.

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