Published On: Mon, Aug 26th, 2019

Heatwave news: How to sleep in the humidity and what to avoid | UK | News

There are many tactics to help get a good night’s sleep ahead of the working week on Tuesday. The National Sleep Foundations (NSF) advises people how to manage the blistering heat and improve their sleep environment. They highlight the importance of rehydrated in a heatwave as sweating loses both water and electrolytes.

Joyce Walsleben, PhD, Sleep Medicine Associates of New York City said: “Sleep often, as long as possible in your usual night schedule and then during the early afternoon if you can get the time.

“Drink lots of cool fluids and eat smaller, more frequent meals.

“Freeze a damp washcloth — this can be used as a nice, cool compress.

“Try showering and leaving your hair wet or put a cold pack on your head before bedtime.

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“If you are using fans in your home, be sure there is a path for air to flow by keeping the bedroom door open.”

The NSF explained heat rises and it would be advantageous to sleep downstairs during a heatwave.

They added some people might find its more suitable for them to escape to a cooler climate if they are struggling in the heat.

They warned against people sleeping in the cars with the air-conditioning running because it’s very dangerous.

Further basics can be adopted such as opening the windows to allow airflow and using thin sheets.

The average person needs approximately 8 hours of sleep a day, according to BBC research.

The optimal room temperature is 18.5C (65F).

The longest documented sleep is 11 days.

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