Published On: Tue, Sep 3rd, 2019

‘He voted against Maastricht, he voted against Lisbon’ Boris RIPS APART hypocrite Corbyn | UK | News

The Prime Minister was quick to respond to the Labour leader’s attack as he pointed out Jeremy Corbyn’s consistent anti-EU record in the House of Commons. Boris Johnson said: “Quite frankly when it comes to the bill that Corbyn is insisting in bringing forward tomorrow with the procedure that is coming forward tonight, let us have no doubt. This is a Bennite. A former Bennite opposite. I mean, he still is a Bennite I believe.

“He is a man who voted against every single piece of EU legislation.

“He voted against Maastricht, he voted against Lisbon, time and time again.

“He has said that we must uphold the results of the EU referendum.

“Time and time again he has said that he’s on the side of democracy and vindicating the will of the people.

“And what do we see now? He has been converted with his Momentum activists trying to take over the streets.

“Converted into the agent of those who would subvert democracy and overturn the will of the people.”

The brutal response came after Mr Corbyn accused the Prime Minister of failing to put forward proposals to the Brexit impasse before MPs.

Mr Corbyn said: “The Prime Minister met EU leaders over the summer and the EU Council President Tusk at the G7.

“After these meetings, the Prime Minister struck an optimistic note saying the chances of a deal were, in his words, improving. His optimism was not shared by those who have been at the same meetings.

“The Prime Minister may claim progress is being made, but EU leaders report that the Government has so far failed to present any new proposals. Can the Prime Minister clear this up?

“Can he tell us if the UK has put forward any new proposal in relation to the backstop? If so, will he publish them so that these proposals can be scrutinised by Parliament and by the public?”

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