Published On: Tue, Dec 24th, 2019

Georgia Toffolo released after ‘facing Christmas in Maldives detention centre’ | Ents & Arts News

Reality star Georgia Toffolo has said, after being released from an airport “detention centre” in the Maldives, she feared spending Christmas in prison.

The former I’m A Celebrity winner had posted a series of tearful videos on Instagram to alert her followers to her plight, saying immigration officials were not allowing her to travel due to a damaged passport.

She said two pages had fallen out and it meant she was not able to leave the airport.

She was reportedly on her way to a luxury beach resort for a Christmas break.

Toffolo will be able to come back to the UK for Christmas
Toffolo will be able to come back to the UK for Christmas

In one of the videos, added to her Instagram Stories, she said officials were not allowing her to pass through immigration but would not allow her to board a flight home either.

She claimed she faced a four-day wait in a “detention centre” because of the issue.

But after “crying for nine hours and scaring everyone at the airport”, the 25-year-old Made In Chelsea favourite later announced she had been released and was able to move on.

In a lengthy statement also posted to Instagram, Toffolo said: “I am typing this having just been released from immigration detention! I can’t quite believe it. I was genuinely trying to come to terms with spending the next… however long… in an immigration detention centre.”

She thanked her fans for raising awareness of her predicament, adding: “This scares me because it is such a privilege to have a following on social media – people can hear me.

“What if I didn’t have a social media following? I can’t bear to think of another girl in the situation I found myself in where no one can hear you.”

Stanley Johnson, father of Boris Johnson, and Georgia Toffolo, reality TV star, arrive for the Conservative party Black and White Ball at Natural History Museum on February 7, 2018 in London, England.
Toffolo starred on I’m A Celebrity with Stanley Johnson two years ago

Toffolo said the UK government had worked with officials in the Maldives to secure her passage home.

Responding to her social media posts, the British ambassador for the Maldives posted a reply on Twitter.

Caron Rohsler said: “Consular assistance is being provided & I am confident you will soon be enjoying all the delights that Maldives has to offer. PM me if you need more info.”

Toffolo signed off her message by declaring: “Please everyone check your passports I didn’t realise that 2 pages had fallen out of the centre. SO traumatised but grateful thank you. Toff’s Christmas is back on.”

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