Published On: Tue, Oct 1st, 2019

Gemini October 2019 horoscope: What your star sign forecast says this month

What is in store for Gemini star signs in October? Astrologer Russell Grant has shared his insights. What does the astrology reading say is on the horizon for you? Grant says now is an “ideal time” to attend a party.

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Grant said: “The Full Moon on the 13th is an ideal time to attend a social gathering.

“If you’re single, you will meet someone who makes your pulse pound.

“Throw caution to the wind and get romantically involved; you won’t be sorry.

“If you’re already in a serious relationship, your amour will enjoy showing you off.

“Wear something special that draws admiring glances. You’ll have fun being the centre of attention and making your partner proud.

“On the 28th, the New Moon will mark a difficult work assignment. This job will command every ounce of your energy.

“Working with a group of highly eccentric people will be both amusing and frustrating.

“The final days of October will sap your energy. Try to rest at every opportunity.

“Eating nutritious meals on a regular schedule will keep your system strong and repel illness.

“The last thing you want is to get sick when you’re facing a tight deadline.”

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Russell Grant said: “Your relatives will be jealous of your career success in mid-September.

“The Full Moon on the 14th finds you being celebrated by your work peers.

“Although you’re thrilled to be recognised in such a public manner, your family is less excited.

“They’re resentful of how much time you spend on your job.

“Unless you shift focus, you’ll drive a permanent wedge between you and your kin.”

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