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Game of Thrones movie: Controversial ending to get epilogue like Breaking Bad’s El Camino? | Films | Entertainment

WARNING SPOILERS AHEAD FOR GAME OF THRONES AND EL CAMINO. Earlier this year the final season of Game of Thrones aired. But despite two years of anticipation, critics and some fans panned the ending. After all the fighting and deaths, the Iron Throne was destroyed by Daenerys’ dragon, Jon Snow (the rightful heir) went back into exile and those left elected Bran Stark king.

But is that really the end?

Could there be a Game of Thrones movie in a couple of years?

It’s certainly become the fashion to revive hit TV shows and just this year we’ve seen movies with original casts, set where their series left off, hit the big screen.

In just the last two months there’s been Downton Abbey the movie, arriving four years after the show of the same name ended, and now El Camino, landing six years after Breaking Bad finished.

Both were unnecessary, but that doesn’t mean us fans didn’t want or enjoy them thoroughly.

Of course, the difference with Game of Thrones is it ended controversially, but maybe a movie would be a way of tying things up a bit better.


At the time Martin said: “There will be a movie but I will not be involved.”

And while a Game of Thrones movie probably isn’t a priority for the author right now, we’d imagine there will be talk of one in a few years just like Downton Abbey and El Camino.

Another big question is if they can get the cast all back together.

But one thing’s for sure, with the prequel series filming in Northern Ireland it’s not like they’d have to rebuild sets entirely from scratch.

And who knows, if not an epilogue to Game of Thrones, perhaps there will be a movie set in a different era of Westeros?

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