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Game of Thrones end: ‘BRAN not Daenerys is the main villain’ Does THIS prove it? | Books | Entertainment

In the Game of Thrones you either win or die. Famous last words from Cersei, who went out with a rather disappointing whimper – and a bit of a thud – under some carefully placed falling brickwork. All the way through, everyone was convinced the big showdown would be between fire and ice, Daenerys and the Night King. But then Dany turned out to be just as bad as her frosty foe and someone else quietly and calmly – some might say sinisterly – wheeled into view. Bran then mumbled nine chilling words which convinced many that he was actually the biggest villain of all. 

NIne, of course, is Satan’s number but is Bran really the secret devil of it all. 

When he was offered the crown of Westeros, Bran said; “Why do you think I came all this way?”

At that point, everyone was reminded the Stark boy could see the future as well as the past. Suddenly everyone was convinced this meant he had let all manner of terrible things happen to make sure he got the throne.

Even worse, he appeared to have actively manipulated events to ensure Daenerys would go mad and Jon Snow would lose everything. Let alone he allowed thousands of deaths when he could have shared his knowledge of what was to come.


After all, Bran knew if Dany found out about Jon’s secret heritage it would drive a wedge between them and encourage her instability.

Some angry fans argue Bran is evil for not only doing this but also not warning Dany about the Iron fleet which killed Rhaegal and captured Missandei. But was he really motivated by a sudden selfish and ruthless hunger for the throne?

No, not really. Bran is now the Three-Eyed Raven and he is motivated by the welfare of the land. The Night King would have destroyed everything and Daenerys looked set to follow a scorched earth policy to get what she wanted.

Any nudges Bran gave towards defeating both were justified. It is implied he saw the future where he took the throne as being the one which served the land best.

However, his actions also resulted in Jon Snow abandoned in snowy exile, after losing his lover, his heritage and his shot at the throne. Did Bran really screw over his cousin?

Again, no not really.

Jon never wanted the throne. He wanted to know who he really was, but the Targaryen legacy was not something he codul have comfortably embraced. He also could never have been happy had Dany won and started to burn her way to her obsessive vision of what is best for everyone.

Bran ensured Jon was exiled to the Wall, knowing that there is no real need now for the Night’s Watch, whatever platitudes Tyrion spouted. Jon’s path and happiness always lay beyond The wall with eth Free Folk, the only place he had ever felt at home.

Bran gave Jon his freedom.

In fact, although he no longer appears to have much connection with his old self or his humanity, Bran still saw to it that every Stark ended up where they belonged – Sansa on the throne at Winterfell, Jon and Arya free to be themselves.

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