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Game of Thrones: Daenerys Targaryen DIDN’T go mad according to new theory | Books | Entertainment

In the Game of Thrones season eight finale Daenerys (played by Emilia Clarke) was killed by her lover and cousin Jon Snow (Kit Harington) after she let revenge take over and scorched the whole of King’s Landing on the back of her dragon Drogon.

Many fans were utterly horrified by the character’s descent into apparent “madness” after the death of her close friend Missandei (Nathalie Emmanuel).

But in the books, some have been expecting it for a while following the final chapter of the sixth instalment, titled A Dance With Dragons.

Sharing their new theory on Reddit, one fan posited Daenerys didn’t actually go “mad”, and was actually suffering from food deprivation.

postExistence began: “I hear a lot of talk that Daenerys Targaryen started going mad in her final chapter of A Dance With Dragons, succumbing to the disease she (might have) inherited from her father.

“I want to offer an alternative theory based on something I learned about Native Americans.

“Vision Quests are rites of passage taken by members of some Native American tribes. A man will fast for one to four days in the local wilderness to learn about his identity and place in the world.

“This usually includes a vision of an object or creature,” the fan continued. “Typically upon his return, he will then take up his chosen vocation.

“Warriors who have gone on Vision Quests typically etch an image of their spirit animal upon their shields so the animals can provide them protection.

“There is a lot in common between Daenerys’ walk through the plains and Vision Quests.”

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The Reddit user went on to remind readers the dragon queen was in the wilderness for a while and only managed to eat some of Drogon’s scraps.

“Any nourishment she had was secreted out of her due to diarrhoea from poor drinking water in the stream,” the fan went on. “The hallucinations Daenerys had could be construed as visions providing her with new purpose.

“Re-establishing her goal to reclaim Westeros, who must bring her dragons to conquer the western lands again.

This would indicate that Daenerys is not going insane or mad, but that she is simply suffering from food-deprivation and would become her normal self again after eating to regain her health.

“If I did some digging, I’m sure I could outline how the Dothraki culture is an amalgamation of various Native American tribes’ cultures, values and traditions. George R.R. Martin does live in Santa Fe, New Mexico, a city known for its museums on Native American history. I’m sure he got a lot of information,” they added.

Johnbr agreed with the theory, chiming in: “There’s been a lot of discussion over the years – I personally think you’re closer to the truth than the madness people – she seems pretty sane to me, just stressed, tired and incredibly frustrated by an unwinnable situation in Mereen. What better time than to ‘cut the gordian knot’?”

first_sip added: “This. The stress, the implied miscarriage… girl’s got reason to be upset. I hardly see Aerys or Viserion in her from what we’ve seen through A Dance With Dragons.

“Yes, I saw it that way too,” Rupispupis finished. “Minus all the native american allegories.

“It was a time of self-discovery, and IMHO it all came down to a choice she had to make between one of her own personal mantras (If I look back, I am lost), and advice given to her by Quaithe (you have to go back, to go forward).

However another fan called Anthropological went the other way in the debate, noting: “While I tend to agree with you and the OP, I think it’s important to note that a period of extreme stress is often a trigger for a psychotic break in those predisposed to it.”

Was Daenerys’ “madness” triggered in the sixth novel, or will the writer take the character’s ending in another direction after all?

Winds of Winter is expected to be released soon.

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