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Game of Thrones: ANOTHER Targaryen is Azor Ahai NOT Jon or Daenerys | Books | Entertainment

OK, so the show is over, even if the rumbles of rebellion from angry fans roll on. However, the books are still two novels and probably around 2,000 pages from the grand finale. A lot can happen – and change. Martin confirmed certain fixed points, however, fans already know there is no Night King in A Song of Ice and Fire. It is very unlikely Arya will be the one to end the threat from the white walkers. Regardless of who ends up on the throne, there still needs to be an Azor Ahai. The books have already given major clues about who it will be.

Everyone thinks Rhaegar’s two children by Elia Martell were killed during the Sack of King’s Landing, along with their mother.

Daenerys had a vision in A Clash of Kings of Rhaegar calling his eldest son “the prince that was promised,” which ties in with Melisandre’s own visions.

In A Dance of Dragons, it is revealed that this baby Aegon apparently survived, switched at birth by Varys and then smuggled out of Westeros.

Preview chapters of Winds of Winter reveal this Aegon heading an army of supporters and The Golden Company, and taking the castle of Storm’s End.


We say ‘this Aegon’ because Lyanna then decided to also give her son by Rhaegar the same name.

In the books, therefore, there are two Aegon Targaryens, although the storylines on the page have only heavily hinted at Jon Snow’s secret identity, so far.

Fans will be hoping much more is made of this major – and majorly interesting – storyline in The Winds of Winter and A Dream of Spring. Simply using it to alienate Daenerys and give an excuse for her ‘madness’ was a complete disservice to all the careful clues Martin had laid down. 

However, if the firstborn Aegon is confirmed, he will also outrank Daenerys and Jon, as the eldest Targaryen heir.

In the books, it is Tyrion who discovers the hidden heir during his travels on a boat to Volantis. This entire storyline has been cut from the TV version.

It is impossible this Aegon will end up on the Iron Throne or whatever is left in its place by the end. That much surely will not change from the HBO adaptation. Bran will almost certainly be some form of king, although maybe not as literally as shown on television.

However, it would certainly add an extra dimension to the books if Rhaegar’s eldest son turned out to be Azor Ahai and perhaps dies in a dramatic defeat of the wights and the long winter.

Unfortunately, It may be a very long time before fans find out.

Winds of Winter looks set for release next year but Martin admitted he has not even started A Deam of Spring. Not only that he has committed to writing Book 2 of Fire and Blood, more Dunk and Egg novellas and, crucially, will be much more involved with the upcoming Game of Throne HBO prequel, House of the Dragon.

Fans may end up wonder where is the book which was promised… 

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