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Frozen 2 reviews: What are critics and fans saying about Frozen 2? Audience speaks out | Films | Entertainment

Frozen 2 is finally in cinemas and fans can find out what happens next to Elsa and Anna. With Idina Menzel and Kristen Bell back in their roles as the sisters doing it for themselves, fans have been desperate to know the next chapter of their story. But have they been disappointed by the film, and what have the critics said?

What are critics saying about Frozen 2?

The critics are fairly split on whether Frozen 2 can equal its predecessor, but the main consensus seems to be positive.

On Rotten Tomatoes, the movie has got a 76 percent rating from critics, meaning it is technically considered to be a good movie despite some reservations.

Manohla Dargis, of New York Times, said: “It’s never surprising, yet its bursts of pictorial imagination – snowflakes that streak like shooting stars – keep you engaged, as do Elsa and Anna, who still aren’t waiting for life to happen.”

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Another critic enjoyed the animation out of all, as Rolling Stone’s Peter Travers adding: “Forget the convoluted plot. 

“The animation bursts with wonders and it’s a pleasure to re-connect with those empowered sister princesses: Elsa (Idina Menzel) and Anna (Kristen Bell). 

“Why is the sequel never the equal? Frozen II just might break the jinx.”

Clearly the “convoluted plot” is still an issue, which many critics pick up on in their reviews, even if they enjoyed Frozen 2 overall.

Robbie Collin of the Daily Telegraph said: “For all its feints and innovations, Frozen II knows its audience inside out, and wants to ensure every last subdivision leaves feeling both seen and satisfied.”

Others, however, were not as friendly about the film and gave their views of why the complexity ruined their favourite franchise.

David Jenkins of Little White Lies said: “The only surprising thing about this film is how complex and contrived it is. 

“It’s nearly impossible to follow what’s happening, and what motivates the characters to take action.”

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The Times’ Kevin Maher added: “The visuals, as expected, are lovely, but there’s little here to match the revolutionary power (sisters are doing it for themselves etc) of the first film or its inherent charm.”

Nicholas Barber of the BBC said: “When your story relies on snow statues coming to life at convenient moments and acting out arguments that took place 30 years earlier, that’s probably a sign that your screenplay could do with another two or three drafts.”

Many critics have been pretty scathing with their critiques of the Disney movie.

While Frozen 2 has obviously divided critics, but its audience clearly has far more affection for the movie.

Another said: “A wonderful family movie. The kids loved it. As always, a lesson in family love.”

A third added: “Absolutely loved it! The storyline was perfect and it had the perfect amount of humour to keep even the dads interested. It is by far better than the first!!”

There were a small number of fans who were not completely on board, but for most of those who will be paying the ticket prices, Frozen 2 may have secured multiple viewings.

Frozen is in cinemas now

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