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Freddie Mercury’s outrageous Fergie jokes: The Queen star ‘loved stupid things’ | Music | Entertainment

Freddie was notoriously catty and quick-witted. At home with his friends and trusted inner circle, he would reduce them and himself to hysterics. It is a side rarely shown in public. His long-term PA and close friend Peter Freestone reveals the man behind the myth. And shares some of Freddie’s naughtiest moments, exclusively with Express Online.

Peter is in London to promote the new boxset Never Boring, which includes all the star’s solo material as well as rare and never seen photos of Freddie. Peter says it will give fans a new insight into the “real Freddie Mercury.”

However, few will ever know what it was like at the star’s One Garden Lodge Kensington mansion as one of the biggest stars in the world rolled around on the floor laughing over a very famous royal.

Peter told Express Online; “If someone says the name Freddie Mercury I think if him at home with his friends laughing. I can still hear him.

“In public when he laughed he would cover his teeth with his lips or bring up his hand. But at home, he relaxed. He let us see the real him.”

Peter added: “He could make a joke out of anything. He didn’t like waiting for a punchline.

“There was a time in the 1980s when everything Sarah Ferguson wore had a big bow on it.

“Freddie thought it was hilarious and any time he saw someone with a bow he’d be on the floor cackling, ‘A Fergie bow, a Fergie bow.’

“He loved stupid things. He was even joking right up until the very end.”


But Peter is quick to clarify that Freddie’s humour was never unkind: “He was never cruel, even when he was gossiping or joking and bitching.

“He was so fiercely protective about his friends. If he heard someone say something about his friends he would jump on them, ‘How dare you repeat third-hand gossip? You weren’t there.’ 

“Someone was talking about (ex-manager) John Reid in the mid-80’s, long after they had parted ways, and Freddie jumped on them. They weren’t in constant contact or best friends but Freddie wouldn’t have it.”

“Never Boring” The Freddie Mercury Solo Box Set is out now

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