Published On: Sat, Aug 31st, 2019

Fox News: Nigel Farage predicts ‘end of EU’ within two years if PM Johnson delivers Brexit | UK | News

claimed the prosperity he predicts Britain to bask in after will mark the end of the European project. The staunch Brexiteer told Fox News Britain’s decision to leave the will provide the UK with the opportunity to focus on its international role, signalling other EU countries will want to follow in London’s footsteps. Mr Farage told Fox News host Neil Cavuto: “Us being free, us two years down the road being seen to do well will be the end of the European Union.

“Of course, the European Union is at the heart of the globalist project and Brexit, Trump – these are all blows to that, the fightback against globalism.

“Globalism is all about losing your national democracy, losing your independence, losing control of your borders. At the moment, we are with this Brexit battle on the frontline of something that doesn’t just affect us.”

Mr Farage continued: “It affects America, it affects the whole of the western world, and it’s all propelled by money from half a dozen giant, multinational banks and businesses.

“It does not suit men and women who want to set up their own enterprises. It does not suit the democracy our forefathers made so many sacrifices to defend.”

He added: “I know in my heart Brexit is the right thing. I know we are getting closer to it, I just want to do it the right way.”

The Prime Minister pledged he will seek to strike a deal with Brussels by October 31 but said he is committed to a no deal to ensure the results of the 2016 referendum are delivered.

Mr Johnson announced this week his negotiating team will to Brussels in September to seek a breakthrough with EU negotiators.

He previously warned he would not meet with any bloc representative until they agree to remove the from the draft withdrawal agreement.

While critics blasted the decision as an attempt to keep MPs from interfering with plans to deliver a no deal Brexit, Mr Johnson insisted he wanted to work on his proposals to fight crime and improve the NHS.

Mr Johnson said: “As I said on the steps of Downing Street, we’re not going to wait until October 31 before getting on with our plans to take this country forward.

“This is a new government with a very exciting agenda to make our streets safer, it’s very important we bring violent crim down, we need to invest in our fantastic NHS, we need to level up education funding across the country.

“We need to invest in the infrastructure that’s going to take this country forward for decades and we need to deal with the cost of living, moving to a high wage, high productivity economy – which I think is what this country needs to be.”

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