Published On: Tue, Apr 14th, 2020

EuroMillions anger: Tickets can’t be bought for Friday’s draw – National Lottery responds | Personal Finance | Finance

Over the last few days, several people have voiced concern over their lack of ability to purchase EuroMillions tickets, a usually straightforward purchase.

“These changes are in place due to the uncertainty caused by Coronavirus.

“You will be able to purchase a ticket for Friday’s draw from tomorrow”

Other users expressed agitation about how these rules are affecting bulk purchases.

“Paul Kemp” expressed annoyance at digital limits put in place that wouldn’t be affected by coronavirus anyway: “How come you can only get 1 weeks worth of tickets due to Corona?

“What’s the virus got to do with buying online tickets?”

His question was answered with clarity provided on the draws themselves.

As the National Lottery explained: “Due to uncertainty caused by the Coronavirus in some EuroMillions countries, players can only buy tickets for up to two draws at a time, and the draws themselves will take place as planned.”

Because of these changes, the window for purchasing tickets for this Friday’s draw is limited.

Tickets can be purchased from tomorrow (Wednesday 15 April) meaning there are only two days available for purchases.

Further changes are also scheduled for advance play rules for EuroMillions and EuroMillions HotPicks draws.

In a statement on their website, the company revealed that: “From Wednesday 18th March, we will be implementing a four-week countdown for advance play on the games.

“This means that people will only be able to play in advance up to and including the EuroMillions draw on Tuesday 14th April (a maximum of eight draws).

“As each week passes, the number of weeks that people can play in advance will reduce accordingly.

“Players will still be able to buy tickets on a draw-by-draw basis and the draws themselves will take place as planned.”

The company also provided answers for the following questions which can be found online:

  • “Will advance play revert back to normal after 14th April?”
  • “Will the draws be cancelled?”
  • “Why is reducing advance play in the interests of our players?”
  • “Why does what is happening elsewhere affect EuroMillions”
  • “What about your other games like Lotto?”
  • “How does this affect existing Direct Debit players?”
  • “Why can I no longer register for a new EuroMillions Direct Debit?”

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