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Energy customers and their money back together again | The Crusader | Finance

Andrew Milner’s patience had passed breaking point however when he emailed Crusader a couple of weeks ago about supplier Together Energy which he joined in July 2018. The dual fuel customer’s first blip was the incompatibility between his Economy 7 meter and the system. When he took readings as required he was unable to submit them online. But nothing daunted he rang them through instead.

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Getting the results – the usage statements – then became the problem. Last January they dried up.  

Andrew decided to leave when his contract ended in July, sending in final readings. 

By now a bit of whizz by now at calculating how much he and his wife had used, been charged for and then overpaid, he reckoned it was £88.93 they were owed. 

Various dates were promised as to when it would arrive. “It seemed ridiculous that a statement could not be produced for nine months and or money returned after 12 weeks of leaving,” said Andrew then in the obligatory waiting period after complaining officially and before approaching the Energy Ombudsman. 

To save him having to hang about even longer, we asked Together if it could look at his case. This followed several others, involving hundreds of pounds, that we had helped resolve that shared similarities regarding lack of billing statements and refund delays.

The company has now done so with a positive result and has also signalled a ray of light at the end of the tunnel more generally. 

Together told us, we “would like to sincerely apologise for the shortfall in service. The experience of Mr and Mrs Milner is not in line with the high standards [we strive] to provide.

“At the beginning of 2019 Together Energy made the business decision to invest in a new billing system. 

“The process of migrating the customers took slightly longer than we initially predicted. Together Energy have been in touch and resolved this complaint in full to the customer’s satisfaction.

“We would like to give reassurance to our present and future customers that our new billing system is now live and fully functioning. This has been demonstrated in our most recent Citizen Advice Bureau leadership score where our company received 4.5 stars out of a possible 5, with 97.8 per cent of our customers receiving timely bills. 

“We will be continuing to review and improve upon our systems in order to provide excellent customer service.”

“We have been given firm dates so this looks as if it is happening at last,” said Andrew when he emailed to thank us.

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