Published On: Fri, Aug 23rd, 2019

Elon Musk news: WATCH disturbing moment Tesla driver is caught asleep driving on motorway | World | News

He explained that this happened on the busy Interstate 5 as the video shows his and his wife’s shock and confusion. The Tesla driver can be seen motionless behind the wheel as the car careers down the road seemingly maintaining its position using Tesla Auto-pilot. Towards the end of the video, the driver regains consciousness and replaces their hands on the wheel.

Comments on the video quickly broke into debate regarding the safety of driverless vehicles and Tesla’s innovation attempts.

One person commented: “Anyone who sees this should immediately call the police.

“This is just as dangerous as a drunk driver!”

Another wrote: “I can’t imagine myself trusting the system so much as to fall asleep at the wheel.”

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Some viewers took to defending the Tesla car owner and said: “About 18 Americans died today because they fell asleep while driving and crashed.

“This guy wasn’t one of them, because he had Autopilot.”

Earlier this year in April Elon Musk emphasised the capabilities and sophistication of the Tesla autopilot and argued they are close to becoming safer than human drivers.

He added that his technology was quickly becoming so advanced that allowing humans to steer the vehicle would be more dangerous than relying on Autopilot.

He said: “Now no one wants an elevator operator because the automated elevator stops at the floors and it’s much safer than the elevator operator.

“Frankly it’s pretty crazy allowing people to drive a two-ton death machine manually.

“That’s crazy, in the future people will be like, I can’t believe anyone was just allowed to drive one of these two-ton death machines.

“And just driver wherever they wanted, It’s going to seem like a mad thing in the future that people were driving cars.”

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