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Election 2019 polls: Scotland will become dominated by SNP in snap election – polls | Politics | News

Boris Johnson vowed to ensure Great Britain will leave the European Union on October 31 “come what may”, with or without a Brexit deal on the table. The 77th Prime Minister yesterday issued a statement pledging to leave the EU “no ifs or buts” and insisted that he did not want an election. However, a senior Government insider has said Mr Johnson intends to ask for a general election on October 14 if MPs back the cross-party move to take control of Commons business today.

A snap general election could provide the Scottish National Party (SNP) with a major boost according to the latest polls.

A survey of 10,000 adults revealed a snap general election on October 14 would provide the SNP with an MP in all but seven Scottish constituencies.

The survey, commissioned by the Conservative Group for Europe, revealed that Nicola Sturgeon’s part would gain a massive 17 seats, giving them a total of 52 out of a potential 59 Scottish Westminster seats.

Overall, according to the poll, a snap election would leave result in another hung parliament – meaning no political party would win an overall majority.

In total, the Conservatives are predicted to win 311 seats, while Labour would have 242 seats and the Liberal Democrats would win 21.

This representatives a six seat loss for the Tories, a 20 seat loss for Labour and a nine seat gain for the Liberal Democrats.

SNP would be the biggest winners with an additional 17 seats from 2017.

Meanwhile, it is believed that Plaid Cymru, the Green Party and others would maintain the same number of seats as they won in 2017.

According to the poll, undertaken between August 15 and 27, it is not thought likely the Brexit Party, founded by Nigel Farage, would make any gains if a snap election were called.

People in Northern Ireland were not polled, so DUP seats are not shown in the results, and it is possible the Conservatives could remain in power if another confidence and supply deal was agreed with the DUP.

However, despite heavy projected losses for Jeremy Corbyn’s party, the subsequent gains for the SNP and Lib Dems could enable these anti-Boris Johnson parties to align and create a rainbow coalition of all progressive parties.

But, Lib Dem leader Jo Swinson has previously said she would not work with Labour’s Jeremy Corbyn so it is possible the progressive parties would not have enough seats to win power from the Conservatives.

Yesterday after the news about the general election emerged, Ms Sturgeon shared a positive tweet about the prospect.

She wrote: “As talk of a General Election mounts, I say ‘bring it on’…but it must be before Oct 31.

“MPs must not allow Johnson to game the date as a ploy to push through a no deal Brexit.”

In the 2016 referendum, Scotland voted to remain in the EU by 62 percent to 38 percent.

Since that time, many Scottish politicians, including Nicola Sturgeon, have backed a second Scottish independence referendum which could provide Scotland a choice between a hard Brexit and becoming an independent country.

The SNP yesterday tweeted: “Scotland voted to Remain.

“We will do everything to stop Boris Johnson in his tracks and oppose the hard-right Tory plan to drag Scotland off the no-deal Brexit cliff.”

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