Published On: Sun, Sep 1st, 2019

Don’t trust Trump, Boris! He will hurt you, ex-White House adviser ANTHONY SCARAMUCCI says | World | News

The Prime Minister is both talented and clever, and there is an Austin Powers sort of energy about him that will allow for some room for him to move about politically. The people of the UK like that and find it charming and with it there is an underlying confidence that maybe he can perform a magic trick just when the UK needs one. The problem, however, is that the new kid on the block wants a relationship with the old President and that in itself is going to be fraught with great danger. 

Unfortunately, the old President has been exposed and all of the tricks in his basket are worn and the people he relates to he burns out and tries to destroy. 

The old President has left a wake of wreckage: a flotsam of people and they are now starting to talk and coalesce. 

I do not personally know the Prime Minister. I met him once during the Presidential transition on a Saturday morning in December of 2016. It was a brief encounter. 

Yet if we were friends I would provide for him an honest and cautionary tale. 

By this time he has no doubt read former Ambassador Kim Darroch’s account of the man who is currently sitting on top of the American government. 

He knows, of course, that he is petulant, ill-informed, insecure and has a tendency to project his weaknesses on staff, allies and adversaries. 

He is aware of his lack of staffing and wild overconfidence in his own judgment and his fear to have people around him that are competent. 

The Trump Doctrine is actually a mish-mash of reactionary policies to prove that he can’t be controlled: a sort of a bizarre narcissistic and paranoid fear that if anyone anywhere were to get credit for something it would be a poor reflection on him. 

The President cannot stand for a minute someone else in the spotlight, someone else getting credit or, at its worst, someone else being perceived as telling him what to do. 

Yes, I am certain the Prime Minister is aware of all of this and probably has also made his own assessment and is quite confident that he can deal with this orange porcupine. 

Yet Mr Prime Minster, you may be wrong and there is more to this story: it’s darker and more macabre than all of us originally thought. 

Mr Trump is an unmitigated disaster. 

His moods swings and low self-esteem are causing him to reel from one event and one policy prescriptive to another. 

While he has great political instincts that have allowed for his one and only electoral success, he doesn’t have the personality to understand policy or the humanity to be a statesman. 

He is an open wound of hurts and resentments and he will draw anyone into that personal fire and do his best to burn and destroy them. 

Now why is that? Quite ­simply, he feels so bad about himself that his first reaction to qualified people is why would they come and work for me? 

His second reaction is, if they are so much more talented and capable, what can I do to humiliate them while they’re in my clutches? 

A “dumb as a rock” tweet about his Secretary of State. “What did he really do for me?” about his Secretary of Defense. 

He used “nutjob”, “unstable” and “dope” as an example to describe me. 

His projection of his own self-image is an attempt to tar others and hopefully bring all of us down to his own personal self-assessment and in that it provides him temporary relief until he goes on to his next victim. 

We are collectively on to him now and you, Mr Prime Minister, need to be as well. 

There is no psychological salve, there is no element of charm or personal persuasion that can put an end to this man’s cycle of abuse and incompetence. So, Mr Prime Minister, the trade deal that you want to cut with the United States… be careful in your assumptions and don’t take any of his positive signals seriously. 

His instincts are going to be around wanting to hurt you. After all, you are getting ­positive press and are on a honeymoon of sorts with your job. 

He IS also extremely bothered by your Oxford education so he will figure out in his twisted mind what to do and, at a painful and vulnerable moment, he will hurt you. 

Ask Theresa May – she knows. 

You see, the fault lies right there with Mr Trump. 

The shame of it all is that his position and the respect we all have for that office and its grandeur allows us to falsely normalise him. 

Don’t let it happen to you, that thing that happened to all of us. 

He is coming for you, Mr Prime Minister. Be brave and ready for the most unexpected of all things: a mistake in your own judgment of who and what you trust, because it’s not him and will never be him. 

He is the antagonist in a global horror movie and he is coming for you. 

Anthony Scaramucci is Ex-White House Director of Communications

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