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Donald Trump news: The key strategies employed by President which made him a tycoon | Personal Finance | Finance

Mr Trump was a businessman and television personality prior to taking up his presidency in the US. He turned his family’s real-estate business in 1971 into The Trump Organisation and soon expanded it, making his name through building skyscrapers, golf courses, hotels and resorts. He also owned Miss Universe and Miss USA beauty pageants.

This business acumen helped catapult him into the Oval Office even though he had no prior governmental experience.

Writing for Entrepreneur, contributor Jonathan Long in February 2016 – when Mr Trump was just a Republican candidate – found essential beliefs Mr Trump has incorporated into his leadership.

Mr Long explained: “The younger generation today is being set up for failure. Its members are being taught at a very early age that participation alone is acceptable, but in fact that is so far from reality.

“Trump never sets out to be a participant, in anything. 

“Trump is going for the win, and nothing less, which is the kind of attitude that every entrepreneur should adopt.”

Mr Trump did take a surprise victory in the 2016 elections, and many supporters hope he can do so again in the upcoming 2020 vote.

“Trump is going for the win, and nothing less, which is the kind of attitude that every entrepreneur should adopt.”

He is also known for saying: “If I don’t win, I’ll consider this a total and complete waste of time.”

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“Apple isn’t worried about appealing to everyone, because it knows it can continue to appeal to its captive audience, and maybe pick up some new supporters along the way. The company knows it will remain on top.

Mr Long also emphasised how important Mr Trump’s confidence is.

“If you tell him that this or that plan won’t work or that he himself will fail, he will laugh. He truly believes that he will succeed and win the election. And part of his success is due to this confidence. Believing in yourself 100 percent is very powerful.”

“When you ooze confidence and start every day knowing that you will prevail, you are going to win far more than you lose. Mastering the mental game of entrepreneurship will help you tremendously.”

Finally, the writer touched on how Mr Trump has established a clear brand, as seen in his “Make America Great Again hats.

“Trump made his message very clear from the beginning. [The hats] played a major role in establishing his brand message right out of the gate.”

Although crucially, Mr Long said: “there isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution so determine how you can position your brand in front of your target market early in the game and quickly draw eyeballs to what you are doing.”

Mr Trump is believed to be running for a potential 2020 re-election with the slogans “Keep America Great” and “Promises Made, Promises Kept”.

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