Published On: Sat, Aug 24th, 2019

Donald Trump lands in France for G7 after declaring they are ‘not 100% friends’ | World | News

Yesterday, before he flew to France, said he would be “seeing a lot of leaders who are friends of mine, for the most part.” He added: “Wouldn’t say in 100 percent of the cases, but for the most part.” The US President went straight to a meeting with French President Emmanuel Macron – weeks after being embroiled in a row over tariffs.

And that frosty lunch followed a warning from European Union leader Donald Tusk who said the bloc would back France over any dispute with the United States.

Opening the G7 with a press conference Mr Tusk said President Trumo should expect a reaction if fresh tariffs are imposed on Paris.

Mr Tusk said: “I will protect French wine with genuine determination

“If US imposes tariffs on France the EU will respond in kindness. The last thing we want is confrontation especially with our ally the US. We have to be ready and we are ready.

“France can count on our loyalty as all members do.”


“We will announce a substantial reciprocal action on [French President Emmanuel] Macron’s foolishness shortly.”

And Mr Tusk also warned the US President of against any actions that could be considered trade wars.

He said: “We need to talk about putting a stop to trade wars. Trade deals and reform of WTO are better than trade wars which leads to recession.

“Trade wars within the G7 members will lead to eroding trust.”

But the US President poised with Mr Macron for talks the pair struck a conciliatory tone.

President Trump said: “We can accomplish a lot this week, thank you for having us.

“The weather is fantastic and the host is great. So far so good, we have a lot in common.”

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