Published On: Mon, Dec 2nd, 2019

Did Netflix ‘RUIN Christmas’? Viewers ‘RAGING’ after The Grinch and Love Actually removed | Films | Entertainment

The two films have been merrily playing for months, even though they are very much Xmas treats. So viewers have been left confused and enraged after the streaming platform dropped the popular family films just in time for Christmas. You know, the actual time of year these stories are set. And it’s not the first time.

It would seem likely many people would hold off watching such films until the actual season they were made for.  After all, nobody eats mince pies in July. 

One smug person tweeted: “Everyone thought I was mad for watching the grinch mid-November but jokes on you because now it’s been taken off Netflix.”

Nobody else seemed to be as amused by the removal of the Jim Carey comedy based on the iconic Dr Seuss books.

Bemused subscribers flooded social media with complaints when they noticed the updates today. Comments were all focussed on confusion over why these types of films would be removed now and anger that it had happened at all.

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“@NetflixUK  how come you guys have taken The Grinch off Netflix on the 1st December? It was on there yesterday. I don’t think the Grinch stole Christmas, you guys have.”

One angry mother also revealed the film is her child’s favourite and the removal has left her daughter devastated.

“Charlotte loves the grinch, went to put it on Netflix (as I have been doing for the last month) and they have took it off, before Christmas.. such losers & Iv got a raging 2 year old thanks Netflix, nothing good to watch on it anymore #Netflix

The shock deletion appears to have affected subscribers in the UK, Australia and New Zealand.

All Netflix territories have slight variations on content.

There has been no official statement as yet but one possible explanation is that Christmas movies may be other contractual licencing deals with broadcasters that only apply at Christmas, so Netflix has to take the films down over that period.

This seems possibly considering exactly the same has happened in the past, with similar complaints on social media in 2018 when another festive favourite was also taken down: “The fact that NetFlix has removed elf and the grinch should be taken into legal action>’

In the meantime, many fans at least had fun referencing famous lines from the Grinch, including: “The grinch has been on Netflix since July?? And now it’s December 1st they’ve took it off??? Is this an actual joke??? CHRISTMAS IS CANCELLED.”

“@NetflixANZ excuse me how are you gonna just take the grinch of off Netflix right now??!!!!  very sad.”


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