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David Bowie: Iggy Pop reveals HUGE music change after pivotal Bowie move | Music | Entertainment

David Bowie died in January 2016 after a relatively short battle with liver cancer.

The superstar singer and actor was well-known for his boundary-pushing work in the music and film industries in the 70s, 80s and 90s, and has become one of the true greats of the 20th Century.

Nearly four years after his death, his friends in the industry still share their memories, and Iggy Pop, whose real name is James Newell Osterberg, has revealed just how much impact Bowie had on him.

The American musician appears on The Jonathan Ross Show on ITV tomorrow night, and he discusses the subject with the show’s host.

Pop signed with Bowie’s management shortly before the star relaunched himself as Ziggy Stardust.

Discussing what happened, Iggy said: “I think that over time that was a really good exchange for everybody.

“And to be honest, when I met David I’d been performing as Iggy for four years.

“Iggy wasn’t going to get anywhere without a shift,” the Passenger singer continued.

“And I think it was with his help and also the help of the people in the UK and France, that I was able to keep going and eventually do what I did.

“So who took what or who did what is not as important as, was everyone useful and fulfilled? That’s what I feel,” the singer added with a shrug.

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The 72 year old punk legend admitted he has lived an excessive life in the music industry, but is still alive and healthy today for one particular reason.

“It’s Brinkmanship,” he said. “My psychiatrist told me that in the seventies, ‘You have amazing brinkmanship.’

“You go to a certain place and you know when to pull back.

“I always have [known when to pull back]. I’m a very conservative guy, in my daily life.

“I go to my bed early [now],” the star added.

On being notoriously shirtless, Iggy later joked: “I don’t wear a lot of clothes.

“I just don’t like being boxed in in any way…

“I usually wear board shorts [for driving] but what happens is sometimes I’ve been at the beach and there’s been a bit of rain or I’ve forgotten to bring a dry suit with me so I’ll just wing a towel… [drive home in a towel] and hope nothing happens.

“Well if you meet the wrong kind of Constable… It used to be bad 20, 30 years ago I was not a favourite with the Police forces but now they love me and we get along great!” the singer laughed.

The Jonathan Ross Show airs Saturdays at 10pm on ITV.

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