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Danny Dyer net worth: EastEnders actor earns this much money

Television actor Danny Dyer is renowned for his hard man demeanour, most notably for his roles in cult classic Mean Machine and The Football Factory, however tonight he will take to the Jonathan Ross couch to open up about family life and his next career move. Having shot to fame when he was just 16-years-old, taking on his first role as Martin in Prime Suspect 3, Dyer has become a much loved part of British TV. His breakthrough role came from 90s movie Human Traffic. These days he has a recurring spot on soap opera EastEnders as the rough and ready landlord of Walford’s infamous Queen Vic pub.

With so much success under his belt, how much is Danny Dyer worth?

According to Daily Feed, the actor’s reported net worth is around £4million.

Meanwhile in 2017, the BBC has unveiled which of the EastEnders cast earned the most in that financial year.

In the list of BBC stars’ salaries Danny Dyer (Mick Carter) was revealed as being paid between £200,000 and £249,000, an impressive figure for someone who was born to a working class family and climbed his way to success single handily.

Born in 1977 in Custom House, east London, Dyer was raised by his single mum.

She supported him with his acting dreams, which he began to pursue when he was a teenager.

Having been spotted by a local talent agent, the young actor went on to star alongside Dame Helen Mirren in his first role.

Other notable performances have included Goodbye Charlie Bright and The Business.

He is also a regular on television show Celebrity Juice, where he often sits as part of the funny panel taking on light-hearted tasks directed by comedian Keith Lemon.

Television isn’t Dyer’s only forte though, the 42-year-old, is also the chairman of a non-League football team and has lent his hard man vocals as a voice over for 2002’s best-selling video game, Grand Theft Auto: Vice City and 2004’s Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.

Despite the characters he plays on screen, Dyer is actually quite the family man.

He is father to a son and two daughters- his namesake eldest daughter Dani Dyer shooting to her own success when she took part in 2018’s Love Island.

Reportedly, Dyer makes a dig about his daughter’s Love Island ex Jack Fincham on tonight’s Ross show.

According to The Mirror when discussing Dani’s relationship with new boyfriend Sammy, Danny said: “It’s weird, I was on here last time talking about her other geezer [ Jack Fincham ].

“She’s moved on, it’s all lovely, she is loved up to the eyeballs. This geezer seems proper.

“[Jack Fincham] seemed alright, listen, things happen. She is cracking on now though, it’s all good.”

Dyer also reveals how he feels about potentially becoming a Grandfather.

When asked if that was something he was hoping for any time soon he said: “No! I don’t think she [Dani] is maternal in that sense. She’s very ambitious. She wants to crack on and I think she’ll have chavs maybe in her thirties.

“I’m not going to encourage my daughter to have any kids, it’s madness because then you sort of think about her having a roll about… We know it goes on but I’m not going to encourage it!”

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