Published On: Sun, Oct 13th, 2019

Daily horoscope for October 13: YOUR star sign reading, astrology and zodiac forecast

Sunday, October 13, is when this month’s Full Moon arrives, along with a positive Sextile between the Sun and Jupiter and a Semi-Sextile between Venus and Mars. The Sun in Jupiter is a wonderful combination for growing, learning and expanding. This aspect can assist in setting-up new goals and feeling inspired and motivated by them. The Venus / Mars aspect can also bring an enhanced desire to take affirmative action.

And this Semi-Sextile can make us do something about the things that we want.

This aspect can also be harmonious for matters relating to relationships.

It can also help men and woman to better understand each other.

The Full Moon will arrive in the skies at around 10pm BST (5pm ET).

The Sun is in Libra while the Moon is in the Aries sign of the zodiac.


“Are you paying attention to the other person’s needs without neglecting your own needs? 

“Other needs include the ability to make compromises while, at the same time, feeling connected to yourself.

“These are some of the major questions we can ask ourselves this Sunday.”

The Full Moon is also a great opportunity to materialise something in your life.

Specifically, the position of the Moon may show you which area of your life you can achieve success.

Ms Stoichkova added this is also a good opportunity to let go of something which you don’t need. 

She said: “This could be a habit, behaviour, a thought, or even a relationship.

“Something in your life is not working, so just let it go.”

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