Published On: Tue, Aug 20th, 2019

Daily horoscope for August 20: YOUR star sign reading, astrology and zodiac forecast TODAY

Tuesday, August 20, features a minor challenging aspect between the planets Venus and Saturn. This Square and a Half aspect can be particularly demanding on our emotions. You can consequently expect to feel emotionally frustrated or feel a certain sadness related to the past.

Marina Stoichkova, an astrologer from MarStars Astrology, believes this aspect could also trigger a bout of nostalgia.

She said: “There might be an emotional distance between people this Tuesday.

“So it is not so easy for people to make connections and understand each other emotionally today.

“Negotiations – both business and personal – may not be so easy as well.”

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The Moon in Aries will push us to take decisive action regarding our horoscope today

The MarStars Astrology expert said: “This emotional frustration and the disconnect with others may also motivate us to do something.

“This could involve trying something different we do not feel resistance to.

“It is sometimes thought to be one of the greatest benefits to astrology.

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“When you see something is not working very well, you can switch your focus to something else which can work better.

“And you will eventually have better opportunities to focus on the first thing.”

Tuesday can consequently be positive for taking action, but probably not in regards to personal matters, such as relationships and conducting negations.

Although it is possible to work around these challenges, it will require a lot of effort.

Tuesday brings the deepest state of change to connect extremes of oppositions that the sign of Leo normally stands opposed to.

With the nature of this date firm and fixed, people born at this time are to learn how embracing change can bring them into a state of personal power.

This can transform people born on this day into leaders and influential people capable of focus best in the time of crisis.

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